8 weeks

8 weeks

Two posts in one day, what?  (Hopefully the Favorite Things post from just seconds ago didn’t get lost.  Keep scrolling.)

This little man is already well on his way to nine weeks.  Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day retiring baby clothes.  Already?!  To be fair, Wes is on the big side and Gerber cuts its onsies waaaay small.  Wes is 13 lbs. 4 oz and he’s 23.75 inches tall.  This is the 88th percentile on height.  Wondering where that comes from?  Yeah, us to.  I think it might be my dad.  The running joke here is that I had a little rendezvous with a basketball player that looks just like Sean.  (I didn’t.)  I’m hesitant to speak too quickly, but I think we’re starting to develop patterns.  I think we’re coming on the other side of the 6-8 week fussiness.  Slowly.  But progress!  Aside from the day long trauma of 2 month shots, this last week was a very good one.

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