Favorite Things

For our December get together, my good girlfriends and I had a favorite things party.  Have you heard of these parties before?  You buy your favorite thing for all guests in attendance.  You can put any parameters you’d like around these favorite things.  For us, we decided on favorite things of $5 or less.  Have you ever thought about your favorite thing for $5 or less?  I found this to be pretty challenging.  I think we all did.  Jennie wrote about it, too.

12.16.14 02112.16.14 02612.16.14 02212.16.14 02412.16.14 025

Although challenging, this is such a fantastic idea.  The favorite things I walked away with are now some of my new favorite things.  Jennie went with neon sharpies, which I can’t wait to use to mark up my 2015 planner.  Angie with mini bottles of wine (already my favorite), handmade wine glass charms, and fruit snakes (which is actually her son Reed’s favorite thing and a super cute addition).  Ashley’s favorite lip gloss is now my favorite lip gloss.  The Mrs. Meyers Everyday Cleaner is making my bathroom and kitchen smell like lavender all the time and it makes me so happy.  Maggie not only gave us Bridesmaids but hosted us all with truly wonderful and sugar fused spread.  Maggie is the best as themed parties.12.16.14 011

I gave everyone a pickle ornament, choosing to focus on my favorite Christmas thing.  I love decorating the tree and I love the pickle present idea.  Do you know?  It’s German.  Parents hide the pickle ornament on Christmas Eve (or early Christmas Day) and the person to find the pickle gets an extra present.

12.16.14 009

Crate & Barrel has some pretty great packaging options.  I had no idea.

12.16.14 010

I think I’ve reflected on this before, but it still makes me so happy that this little group has been a group for 10 years now, some a little more and some a little less but mostly 10 years.  Most of us went to college together, so have seen each other through a lot of life changes at this point.  Our get togethers used to be sorority sponsored (for most of us), then wedding related, and now we have four children among us!12.16.14 02012.16.14 023

And we do not travel light!12.16.14 01812.16.14 016 (Only two of the three car seats represented.)

Longtime friendships are really so precious.  I feel so lucky these ladies have stuck with me for the last 10 years.Favorite Things

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