Christmas as a Family of Three

Merry Christmas!  Did you have a nice holiday?  We were in Utica, New York celerating with my family.  Before I share the pictures and stories from our official Christmas celebration, I wanted to share our small celebration.  The Saturday before Christmas our little family celebrated at home just the three of us.  It was a Christmas morning celebration.  Sean didn’t cook a big lunch/dinner, and instead we just had the excitement of waking up to presents and a Christmas breakfast.  Even though I’m pretty tired these days, I honestly did have trouble falling asleep the night before as if I were the little child of the family.

12.21.14 023

I still love our tree.  Even if that top string of lights blew out.

For breakfast Sean made egg casserole, which his family traditionally serves on Christmas morning.  I think I’m okay with egg casserole as the tradition for our family.  My family always had sugar cookies for breakfast and that’s pretty fantastic, too.

12.21.14 025

I love opening presents just as much as I love to wrap presents.

12.21.14 021

And Wes is wondering why he needed to be surrounded in his presents.

12.21.14 038

Someone’s ready for college basketball season. 12.21.14 030 12.21.14 032 12.21.14 034

These two.  I can’t get enough of their conversations.

12.21.14 040

I’m with you, Wes, Christmas can be exhausting.  And your cheeks are so kissable!


The two of us don’t have many pictures together, and I’m a fan of this one!

While all of this was a very fun celebration for our little family this year, I’m excited for Santa Claus and Elf on the Shelf and all of that Christmas magic that comes with having a small child around the holidays.

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