1.14.15 039My sister had her baby, Evelyn, on December 8th and I finally got to meet little Evelyn this past weekend.  It was supposed to be a big time.  Grandparents, sisters, cousins, husbands.  My husband contracted strep throat the Thursday before, Maggie’s husband ended up being tied up with ROTC, and the grandparents were snowed in.  So Wes and I popped ourselves into our car and headed up to Pittsburgh for what turned out to be a really lovely weekend between two sisters and their new babies.

Evelyn is SO tiny and so sweet.  Evelyn was born 6 lbs. 6 oz. and weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. this past weekend.  Let’s remember that Wes was born at 8 lbs. 8 oz. and probably weighs somewhere close to 15 lbs. right now.  I’m used to carrying around a nice sized baby.  Evelyn is like holding air to me.  She is so light and feels so fragile, but she’s pretty strong.

1.14.15 0491.14.15 054

As weird as it was for me to hold Maggie’s fragile baby, it was just as weird for her to hold my big boy.

1.14.15 031 1.14.15 032 1.14.15 033

I couldn’t decide which of these Maggie and Evelyn pictures I liked best so you get them all.

1.14.15 017

Wes is lucky that he’s got a nerd like me for a mom.  We intentionally both wore vests for our visit with Maggie and Evelyn.

1.14.15 014 1.14.15 013

Shortly after arriving, Maggie and I got both the babies down for a nap.  At the same time.  A tiny miracle.  Wes got Evelyn’s crib for his nap, which was a total luxury for a little guy who normally sleeps in a mini crib.  With both babies down, Maggie suggested I check into my hotel to get the room set up for later.  Easier than getting all that luggage in and setting up the Pack N Play when Wes was ready for bedtime.  Unfortunately all the babies woke up so I came back to this:

1.14.15 015

At least she was a good sport about it.  There was a lot of coordinating schedules and figuring out who would handle what aspect of dinner, but we made it work and we had a lot of fun.  And we chatted all about our babies and the big transition that is motherhood and just generally had a really great time together.

1.14.15 026

I can’t wait until our babies are a little older and are able to recognize the other exists and  want play with one another.  It also makes me wish I lived closer to Maggie so we could share the experience of mamahood side by side, but Pittsburgh’s not too bad of a drive.

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