Genius Baby

I was talking to my mom on Sunday.  She asks me about this blog a lot.  Why aren’t you posting?  What’s going on?  As one of Wes’s grandmothers it makes sense that she likes to see regular posts here.  There’s the thing: I don’t know how to write about Wes.  Wes is a genius baby.  He’s the most amazing human to ever grace the planet with his presence.  I am over the moon for him.  He’s meeting all the milestones!  Probably at the same pace as your genius baby!  Everything he does is incredible and amazing!  Especially since he’s doing all the same incredible and amazing things that your baby is doing because that’s what babies do, they grow and develop and it is really quite amazing to witness.  While the majority of readers here are our friends and family, I don’t want to annoy you with my gushy posts about Wes who’s amazing and just like every other baby.  So my mom suggested I throw up a disclaimer.  I can’t promise this means I’ll post more regularly all the time because there is still the matter of finding the time, but I will feel less bad about gushy posts.  I’ll warn you and if you don’t think you can take another mother going on and on about her baby, then skip that post and I hope you join us for the next one.

So here’s my first gush.

1.3.15 002

When you pull him into a seated position that’s almost never good enough for him.  He wants to go all the way up and stand up on his legs.  I tell him in a sing songy voice that he’s the king of the room.

1.14.15 065

The Master of Tummy Time.

1.15.2015 005

This elephant toy plays music if you pull on it.  He can make the music happen!

1.25.14 026

Toys in both hands!

1.25.14 0161.25.14 046

The sweetest little sleeper.

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