First Sickness

1.28.15 026Wes is sick.  He’s got a stomach bug.  If you didn’t see the evidence coming from his mouth and in his diaper, you wouldn’t know he was sick.  He’s all smiles except for the times of the day when he’s never smiley.  Which is almost annoying.  As he leaks fluids, he’s not interested in taking in much.  Yesterday he took in 7 oz less than usual and the day before 5 oz.  The nurse reminded me that when we adults have a stomach bug we don’t really want to fill up our stomachs either.  It feels icky.  While this makes so much sense, the possibility of dehydration in our small child is scary.  And here’s where the annoyance of Wes’s smiles come in.  I tell him a couple times a day that he’s making me very nervous and he returns this comment with a smile.  A big one.  Sometimes a smile AND a giggle.  Sometimes a smile and a few coos.  Like he’s making fun of me for worrying.  Although the nurse said a good mood was a good sign.  I’m sure Wes will be fine.  Many babies before him have survived stomach bugs and diarrhea, but we’re first timers so we’re having a hard time with Wes’s first sickness.  So here’s hoping that this little guy gets better soon, or at least doesn’t get dehydrated.

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