Our KU Fan

KU played against Texas Tech two Saturdays ago.  KU won!  Usually Wes is asleep for KU games, so because we knew he’d be awake for this game we wanted to make sure he was dressed appropriately.  Sean let me sleep in on this particular Saturday (until 9:00…woohoo!) so he was in charge of dressing Wes initially.

1.25.14 121Oh man, I love when baby pants are too big and sit up high on on their waists.  So adorable.

You have to appreciate most of what Sean’s doing here, although this outfit is very funny to me.  KU colors all over expect for the borderline Christmas socks.  To Sean’s credit, he tried to find a shirt I specifically mentioned Wes should wear for the KU game, and he couldn’t find it.

1.25.14 125Here’s my version of our little KU fan in the shirt I specifically mentioned.  And to be fair to Sean again, we were having people over for dinner.  I wanted them to know that Wes put some effort in because they were visiting.  You know, because it would be wildly inappropriate for a baby to look like he just rolled out of bed for guests.

1.25.14 128

Do you really have to take MORE pictures of me, Mom?

1.25.14 136

Yes, sweetest, I do!

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