15 Weeks


15 weeksI’m not sure what to say about this week.  It’s been a tough one and a bit of a roller coaster.  Some really great moments surrounded by lots and lots of fussing and crying.  Wes was such a good napper in January.  Amazing.  For the last week, and yesterday in particular, no matter how many times I put the pacifier back in his mouth he would not go to sleep.  We both cried and cried as I got us in the car so we could drive around for an hour before meeting up with some other moms and their babies for lunch.  I couldn’t take being in the house with an inconsolable baby anymore.  Wes slept in the car and put on his happy face for lunch.  Luckily the moms at lunch are a really fantastic and accepting group of women.  I gave and received advice and am so thankful for lovely, accepting fellow moms.

Here’s a few other funny pictures of Wes from this week:

2.4.15 014

What do you mean I can put all the toys in my mouth at once?

2.6.15 001

The mirror’s a little warped.

2.4.15 040

Not really a funny picture, unless you count that sweet little belly, but a good smile worth sharing.

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