Evelyn’s Baptism

Over President’s Day weekend, we had the big time we had planned for in January.  Grandparents, husbands, sisters, cousins, and even a great grandmother this time, all got together in Pittsburgh for little Evelyn’s baptism.

2.17.15 021

Look at this sweet child.  Look at that kitty outfit.  She picked it out especially for us.  I think she looks a lot like her mama here.

2.17.15 016

And here’s my Wesley.  I almost placed the adjective “little” before that Wesley, but when you look up at Evelyn little somehow doesn’t do him justice.  He’s too much to love for little.  Anyway, he’s also very secure in his manhood to be playing around in a pink activity gym.

2.17.15 059

Sean’s parents are very good about cards for all occasions and sent this ruler card for Valentine’s Day.  It made for a good backdrop for our cousin picture.  You know, I know that Wes is a big boy but because he’s all I have at home I don’t think about it all that often.  He seems little to me.  So it really is incredible to see him next to Evelyn.

2.17.15 057

It was completely an accident, of course, but they grabbed hands!  I barely caught the end of it.

2.17.15 0422.17.15 0382.17.15 0282.17.15 071

When my family gets together, there’s already some talking over each other and difficulty getting through an entire point.  Sometimes you have to fight for it and ask people if they’re listening to you a few times.  I think this happens to my poor dad the most.  When you add babies to all of this it complicates things further.  But it was still so much fun to be together.

2.17.15 0772.17.15 083 2.17.15 101 2.17.15 108

Maggie makes the best faces.

2.17.15 1172.17.15 1182.17.15 124 2.17.15 128 2.17.15 131

God bless baby Evelyn.

2 thoughts on “Evelyn’s Baptism

  1. Beautiful!! Thank you for posting these precious pics. It would be great if you could somehow Photoshop a street scene behind the holding hands pic. I swear, it looks like they’re walking and Wes is showing Evelyn the sites. Better yet – let everyone else come up with their own backgrounds and captions. 🙂 Sounds like a fun challenge, right?

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