A Snowy Day

3.2.15 083It’s been very cold and very snowy here lately.  As I went through the pictures on my camera to pick out week 17 and 18 photos, I realized I’d captured a whole day of activities.  So on a recent snowy day when we were stuck inside, Wes and I (and mostly Wes):

Spent our morning on the floor.3.2.15 088

Observed me as I vacuumed and mopped.3.2.15 080

Investigated the jumperoo for the first time (well, second but this time he was actually big enough for it).  And really enjoyed it despite these serious faces.3.2.15 107 3.2.15 120

Gazed out the window.3.2.15 124 3.2.15 125

Of course no day would be complete without a little drool in the corner of Wes’s mouth.3.2.15 132

Did some tummy time with Sophie.  Life is so much better with Sophie.3.2.15 137

Although not pictured here, we also had our first one-on-one play date with a neighbor and her daughter.  Not bad for a snowy day.

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