A Trip to Syracuse

My Grandma Sarah died at the end of last year.  Grandma Sarah was lovely.  She played the piano and would never pass down a meal at Red Lobster.  I remember putting together puzzles with her.  I specifically remember how pieces would stick to her arms in the humidity.  She worked hard, raised three wonderful sons, and was a very faithful and dedicated Methodist.  Although despite that exterior, she was also quite the flirt and even found herself in the midst of a scandal or two, although she was very quiet about those kinds of things.  She was a bit of a rebel although you wouldn’t have been able to guess.

Goodbyes, especially these kinds, are hard and sad.  You don’t look forward to them, although it is always fun to see who these occasions bring together.  Two weekends ago we traveled up to Syracuse for the burial and a lunch with family.  Grandma Sarah was my father’s mother, but Mom Mom, Uncle Mark and Aunt Joanne, Aunt Annie and Uncle Mark from my mom’s side were there too!

When I researched what babies should wear to a funeral, several internet commenters said leave the baby at home!  Funerals are no place for babies.  Maybe these internet commenters were going to funerals of family friends and not direct relatives.  I’m not sure but I think a baby is the best guest at a funeral.  For an event where the end of a life is on the top of everyone’s mind it’s nice to remember how delightful the beginning of is.  There are three babies on this side of the family now.  Tesla, Wes, and Evelyn.

3.23.15 021

Sweet baby Wesley is in that phase where he’ll grab anything he can with those chubby little hands.  Aunt Maggie’s a good sport here.  I don’t know how we decided on this order, but Tesla is almost 18 months, Evelyn is 3 months, and Wes is 4 months.

3.23.15 008 3.23.15 016 3.23.15 018

Tesla kind of stole the show with her walking and talking (sort of) and her feeding herself.

3.23.15 014 3.23.15 015

Sadly, this is a close as I got to a full group picture.  Those babies are distracting.

It was a super quick trip.  Sean, Wes, and I spent the night in Syracuse but everyone else left, either to go home or stay in Buffalo

3.23.15 003

Remember how I said we would fly the next time we went to upstate New York?  Well, we did and the thing is traveling with a baby is just an all around adjustment no matter what.  There’s no easy way out.  Wes wasn’t the worst baby on a plane ever, but he wasn’t the best either.  We’ll obviously do this again and again, but at least now I know to manage my expectations.

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