Experimenting with solids

3.23.15 122Several people, our pediatrician included, have said to start solids around 6 months but if Wes shows signs that he’s interested in solids then we can start a little earlier.  What does that mean exactly?  Maybe he tries to grab the spoon or imitates eating, they say.  I’ve been thinking for the longest time that Wes doesn’t do this so must be no where close to ready for solids.  So I’ll start a 6 months.  No big deal.  Really.  This is already going by so fast why rush it?  Then it occurred to me last Monday, his 5 month birthday, that maybe he doesn’t show these signs because we don’t normally eat around him.  I usually eat lunch while he’s napping and Sean and I intentionally eat dinner after he’s asleep at about 7:00 (except, of course, for those occasional 4:30 p.m. dinners). This all occurred to me because last Monday Wes wasn’t napping when I wanted to eat lunch.  I decided he could make it through meal prep and eating by entertaining himself on the floor.  Then I realized I could get the high chair out and just put him in it so he could see how lunch is done and we could start a ritual of sitting together during my lunch.  That’s as far as I was planning to take it…until!  I realized there’s avocado in my sandwich!  I knew from the pediatrician that foods soft enough to be smooshed between fingers was okay.  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to give him a taste of avocado at 5 months.

3.23.15 117

He was way more interested in eating the high chair straps than the avocado.  Silly me, I really thought he’d automatically go for the avocado with his fingers.  He had no interest.

3.23.15 126

He did not love it  Here’s a video:

Here’s the thing though.  That was his fourth of fifth finger full of avocado.  He may not have loved it but he swallowed it all each time.  We’ve tired bananas (he’s just okay with bananas) and pears (he seems to really love pears).  I own a copy of this book now and it recommends you start with carrots.  So carrots are next!  This book was recommended to me by a mom in one of our playgroups.  She let me try some of the parsnip, pear, and fig puree.  Delicious!!  I can’t wait for stage 2 foods.  I might eat them right along with Wes.

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