Happy Easter!

4.8.15 090

Hope you had a nice Easter!  We traveled to Missouri to be with Sean’s family for Easter.  All the siblings and their significant others were there!  A full house!  It was Wes’s first time meeting Sean’s sisters and their significant others, so as you’d guess he got a lot of attention.  I’m not sure he’s ever been the center of attention in a large group before.  Usually there’s at least one other baby.  I think he loved every minute.

4.8.15 040 4.8.15 057 4.8.15 049

On Saturday night after Wes went to bed, we made individual pizzas for dinner and Sean gave us all a little lesson in wine.

4.8.15 070

That top right pizza is Mike’s.  Can you make out the dragon?  It’s more like Puff the Magic Dragon than a scary dragon.

4.8.15 067

Sean creates a deep dish pizza but with a thin crust when he makes pizza.4.8.15 061 4.8.15 073

Sean is a very good teacher.  He planned this tasting so that we tasted two types of wines, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Nior, from three different regions so that everyone could taste the difference not only between different grapes but different parts of the world.  He also got into topics like full bodied and tannins.  Much of what he said I already knew, and some of it we’ve even learned together.  But I could never have explained it the way Sean did.  He’s really good at breaking things down so that anyone can understand.

4.8.15 079

Wes woke up to an Easter basket, of course, containing a new bunny and a new book which he wanted to eat not read.

4.8.15 093

He got lots more attention.  I’m sure he wishes he was back there getting lots more attention.

4.8.15 0924.8.15 105

And then his mother dressed him up like a bunny and made him pose with all the other bunnies.  But that’s such a cute hat, why wouldn’t you want to be a bunny when that’s part of the outfit?

4.8.15 109

I made this little romper for him and it’s not so little, as you can see.  It’s totally the wrong size.  Wes is growing so fast I can hardly keep up with the clothes.  He’s on the verge of busting out of 9 month pieces.  So for the first time since he was 1 month he wasn’t squeezed into something.  I’m sure he loved all that room.

And all that attention tuckered him out so he had the best plane ride of his life!  I even got to read some of my book!  So a very happy Easter weekend all around!

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