25 weeks

25 weeks

Ooooo, look at us getting fancy with our poses!

Every now and then I’ll leave Wes somewhere on his back (and on the floor and somewhere very safe, like not at the top of the stairs, don’t worry) and I’ll walk away to do a little something and I’ll come back and he’s on his belly!  I’ve seen him do back to belly a few times, but it’s much more fun when I come back and that surprise is waiting for me.  I’ll get really excited and say “yay, you’re so big and strong!” and he just smiles and smiles like he’s the strongest man ever.  Actually saying “yay” to him about just about anything makes it better.  For example, “Yay green beans!” smile, swallow, repeat.  It’s pretty great.  I know it won’t last forever so I’m enjoying it while I can.

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