Baby Laughs

The other day Wes and I were in Target.  When Wes is out in the stroller he can often look like a big old grump.  I had a lot of cards to pick out because of weddings and showers and mother’s day and birthdays, so while I was making my selections I started to play peek-a-boo with him hoping to wipe that big old grump look off his face.  Wes loves peek-a-boo (well, I think he really just loves the word “boo”)  and he started to laugh and laugh.  Two ladies came into our aisle to tell me that Wes had the best baby laugh (oh, delayed disclaimer…genius baby comment coming up) and I couldn’t agree more.  He does have the best laugh.  Of course I thought, you’re being so selfish keeping this amazing laugh to yourself and only sharing it with the other ladies at Target.  For a little pick me up for your Monday, here’s a video of Wes and the best baby laugh:

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