Play dates!

Wes has friends!  It’s kind of funny to me that babies could have friends, but Wes has got them!  When Wes first started going to playgroups at about 7 weeks the babies didn’t care about one another at all.  It is so much fun to see that they interact with one another more and more now as they get older (although there’s also still plenty of staring in mirrors and checking out toys more than each other).


This first picture is from a play date from the end of March.  How lucky is little Miss Annabelle being the only girl among these boys?  She always gets so dressed up for her boyfriends.  Wes is in navy, John is in a bunny onesie, and Alex is sporting guitars.  These babies Wes knows from a new moms group we participated in, but Alex there is also part of my neighborhood moms group and he and his mom participate in the 0-6 month playgroup with us.

IMG_3814 IMG_3843IMG_3844These last two are from a play date earlier this month.  How cute are Wes and Alex touching each other?!  How funny is the progression of Wes taking off his socks?!  I  can’t keep them on his feet for every long at all these days.  Even though this was another new moms group play date, all three of these boys are from our neighborhood and in our neighborhood moms club.  Everyone thinks Liam there on the right is Wes’s twin because he’s the other big boy of our group.  Liam is also soon to be in 12 month clothes and his mom, Kathryn, also appreciates the fact that the baby Gap runs bigger than another other baby clothes line, especially in length.  It’s comforting to find other mothers with big baby problems.  (That’s a joke.  They aren’t really problems.  I love every ounce of Wes, and there are lots of pros to big babies.)


And who doesn’t love a big baby belly?  Look at sweet Wesley busting out of his 9 month hoodie.




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