Hi there!

In many ways I can’t help but think – this is my blog and I do what I want.  So what I if I haven’t posted a real post in almost two months?  No apologies because I can do what I want.  But then I realize I never started a baby book and this is basically that baby book.  And then Sean, who never comments about the blog other than to say nice post, commented about the lack of posts…  And then I remember that I truly enjoying blogging and miss it.  And so, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry Wes for the gaps in the record of your first year.  And I’m sorry for the lack of updates, especially those grandparents.  Blogging is so low on my priority list during the day.  Sure, I might check my phone on occasion, but there’s so much to do during the day.  At night the priority is Sean.  Sure, again, we check our phones on occasion, but writing a whole blog post is very different.  But we’ve come to an agreement, Sean and I, and we’re taking Thursdays nights to ourselves.  So on Thursdays I will blog.  I’m not promising perfection.  But I will do my best to be more frequent.  I hope I haven’t lost your interest in my huge gap.

I would just set myself up for failure trying to write posts about all the things that have happened in our month plus of time, so here’s a little bit of a dump of the activities and photos that have happened since my last real post:

Canceled our anniversary plans because Wes got sick.  But at least we got to snap this wonderful family anniversary selfie!

Anniversary three

Shopped at opening day of our neighborhood’s farmer’s market and found these lovely peach blossoms.  Plus, new chairs!

5.11.15 022

Attended my friend Nina’s bridal shower, which was so lovely.  I love seeing families come together and delight in the milestones of their loved ones.

5.11.15 074 5.11.15 089 5.11.15 145 IMG_0721 (2)

Celebrated Nina’s last few weeks as a bachelorette the very next weekend, all while wearing matching sunglasses and finding quotes that really spoke to me in Eataly.  It was my first time away from Wes, and I did okay.

5.11.15 249 5.11.15 242 5.11.15 239 IMG_8004 (2)

Started a real fondness for the egg game from Aunt Shelley…and for showing off our belly.

IMG_3902 (2)

Tried out the cart seat.  Maybe a little too early but Wes found a way…to lounge.

IMG_3903 (2)

Had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration, planned by Sean.  A picnic at the playground with food from the farmer’s market.  Really, if someone had asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day this would have been it, and Sean planned it all himself!

5.11.15 289 5.11.15 291 5.11.15 306

Took some selfies on a lazy day.

IMG_3938 (2) IMG_3946 (2)

Practiced our sitting.

IMG_3952 (2)

Attended our neighborhood’s home & garden tour (our picture even made it into the neighborhood newsletter because what a cool dude!).

IMG_3960 (2)

Got better at the cart seat, although the jury was still out whether it was a good idea.  Look at that face!  And those cheeks!  And those thighs!

IMG_3970 (2)

Took a trip to Buffalo to visit Nana & Papa while Sean was out of town for a really long time.

6.10.15 023 6.10.15 028

Had a lunch date with Ashley & Clara!  That Clara is so cute!

IMG_4026 (2)

Made up our anniversary celebration and found an amazing new babysitter in the process.

IMG_4029 (2)

Started to drink water from a sippy cup!

5.11.15 051

Pretended to have deep conversations with Dad while really complementing how to get to those eyeglasses!

IMG_4031 (2)

Got together with my parents for a birthday lunch (my birthday), complete with peonies, rosé, and the prettiest, yet still tasty, dessert.

IMG_4036 (2) IMG_4037 (2) IMG_4040 (2)

Hung out on the kitchen floor….with the eggs, of course.

5.11.15 210

Finally started to learn to hold the bottle by himself.

IMG_4045 (2)

I don’t have a picture, but Wes also got his bottom teeth!  They’re still pretty small.

A pretty full two months!  Be back soon.  Really.

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