Happy First Father’s Day, Sean!

First of all, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers.  Hope you had great days filled with thanks for all that you do for your families.

Sean’s first Father’s Day fell on his most favorite day of the year, the longest day of the year.  Sean starts counting down to this day starting December 22nd, so it was perfect really.  We had kind of a marathon celebration mostly due to the fact that I totally got the day wrong initially.  I thought Father’s Day was on June 14th this year.  Because Wes is so little he can’t really do anything for Sean, so I took the lead and doing something nice for Sean these days means giving that man a date night.  Sean loves a date night.  So last weekend we went on a date.  We had a really great time.  While we aren’t strangers to date night even after Wes’s birth, this date was the first date where we felt like our old selves and almost forgot there was a baby to come home to at the end of it.  But we were quickly reminded that we are still parents when we used the whole last hour of our date to go grocery shopping together.  Ha!

I couldn’t let the actual day go by without something, so us three went to brunch at one of our favorites in Alexandria.  Which was a good pick because some of the staff knew us and remembered that we’d come while I was pregnant so were happy to meet our new addition.

IMG_4111 (2)

Wes is getting a little easier to predict, but it still makes me nervous to take him out to restaurants.  Especially ones like this that I know will be on the quiet side.  Now that he’s older he likes to look around and explore but we’re not comfortable putting him in low backed restaurant high chairs yet, so I always wonder if he’ll loose it while trapped in his stroller during a meal.  For this meal, he was fine.  But unlike our date night last week, it wasn’t so fine that we forgot we were parents.  He definitely required attention.

But the restaurant staff liked him so much that they wanted to make sure he was included in our dessert and brought him some ice cream.

IMG_4112 (2)

Which was super sweet but there were cooked eggs in there, and that may not have been the best thing to give him.  And that brown one is actually strawberry ice cream and babies often have allergic reactions to strawberries which I didn’t remember until after he had a bite…  He’s fine, and I’m still a good mom.  You can’t get it right all the time.


Real quick, can we talk about what I had?  Salmon waffles!  Which were so interesting and so pretty!  I thought the salmon would be in the batter and was happy it was on top instead.  It was an interesting combination and really good!

IMG_4113 (2)

Happy First Father’s Day, Sean!  Thank you for being such a good father to Wes and for working so hard to make our life possible.  We so appreciate everything you do for us.

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