A trip to the National Harbor

We had some work done on our house last Friday.  Between the noise and the smells it didn’t make sense for us to stay home while it happened, so Wes and I went on a little trip to the National Harbor.

IMG_4100 (2)

The big draw for me was the fact that the National Harbor now has a big ferris wheel, the Capital Wheel, which provides views of DC and Alexandria.  I love looking up high and wondering where all those little cars and people are headed.  Wes mostly just wanted to put his mouth on the floor…

IMG_4092 (2) IMG_4093 (2)

Actually, I lied.  You know what the real big draw for me was?  Potbelly.  I thought the wheel would be fun but when I saw there was a Potbelly I knew it was meant to be.  So we stopped for lunch there.  Wes had some roasted carrots, spinach, and beans, and I had a very delicious TKY.  I make my own baby food, and sometimes it’s a real fight with that kid to get him to eat what I make.  Are you smiling?  I’m sneaking that spoon in!  Are you crying?  Sneak, sneak!  Even still, it’s hard and messy sometimes.  But anytime I buy something store bought, like I did before our trip to Potbelly, no fights.  In it goes.  Mmmmm.  Mom, this is the best ever.  Mmmmm.  Up side: no food all over everything in public!  (Seriously, I forgot a bib and we were fine!)

After lunch things got a little boring honestly.  We had about an hour and a half until we could head home.  We walked out to a pier and sat and watched the water briefly.  We attempted to check out a playgroup but it was only for carousel patrons and we didn’t want to be one of those.  Then I caved and decided we should see what sand was like.  Sand is so messy.  And I was sure he would immediately try to put it in his mouth.

IMG_4102 (2) IMG_4105 (2)

He didn’t!  He loved it!  He loved the sand.  Sand is so fun!  He dragged his fingers in it and did make a total mess of his shorts, but so fun!  We killed a lot of time in that sand.  And then he decided to get on his hands and knees and try to lick the sand.  Three strikes and he was out, which worked out perfectly because it was time to go home anyway.  We’re very scheduled so don’t take many day trips like this.  It was a nice change of pace.

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