On the move!

Wes is on the move!  He’s not quite crawling yet.  I call it pre-crawling or peg leg crawling.  It’s not always very coordinated and he doesn’t move very quickly, but it’s cute and fun to watch.

How did we get here?  Well first we did a lot of straight legs with our butt swaying in the air.

6.26.15 050 6.26.15 046

(This last picture has nothing to do with crawling, but it’s cute and he just did a butt wave so we’ll include it.)

And there was also a lot of butt bouncing.

6.26.15 164

(I learned my camera has a sports setting and that really helps capture movement!)

All of that eventually led to the peg leg crawl.

See how that one leg just stays straight?  It’s so funny to me.  My little pirate.

This video is from yesterday and he’s gotten a little more coordinated in the last few days (he started this on Tuesday), but we have some work to do.

It’s so fun to watch him figure it all out!

6.26.15 234

(That sports setting!  It’s good, right?)

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