Update on solids

I was so excited about solids.  So excited at the idea of introducing Wes to our cooking so that the transition from baby to table food was better.  Plus, Wes was great at solids!  The neatest little eater with hardly a drop of food anywhere.  He ate most of the stage 1 foods I put into his mouth.  If he didn’t the first time, he definitely did by the third.  Parenting genius!  That’s me.  With total control over the solid situation.

And then we introduced stage 2 foods and, even worse, he turned 8 months…

Here’s my first very important lesson for you in parenting.  Anytime you feel like you’re a parenting genius, you are some very short period of time away (I mean like anywhere from seconds to maybe a day) from a major change in your child that will quickly remind you that you’re just doing the best you can to keep up.

Wes seemed to refuse everything.  Everything.  Making baby food is an effort.  And actually, even if you don’t make your own baby food, it’s discouraging when your child rejects the food you put in front of them.  Even though you know this will happen and that you just take a break and re-introduce, it’s still discouraging.  At least for me.  Luckily we have the internet, and the internet told me this is very common for babies when they turn 8 months.  And the internet told me that I should just let my baby have the spoon and deal with the fact that it will be messy.  My initial reaction was no that can’t be the only way.  That is so not the kind of table manners I want to encourage.  But I gave in and….

Wes got the spoon.

6.26.15 262 7.1.15 005

And things got better!

7.1.15 007

But not perfect.  (Although I guess we should note the lack of spoon.)

We have come to a slightly better, less messy agreement about how we will both participate in solids.  He gets an appetizer, which is something like an apple, peach, red pepper, etc. something he can use his own hands to eat.  Then he controls the first bite of whatever puree I give him for a main course and from there it’s much better.  Again, it is not perfect.  If there isn’t enough sweet element in the puree he doesn’t eat much of it, but he does so much better than before.

I’m back to feeling like a parenting genius, so we all know what that means….

1 thought on “Update on solids

  1. This must have been so frustrating for you, and so I hope you’ll forgive me when I tell you I was cracking up while reading this post. Glad you and Wes are slowly figuring out stage 2 foods (I don’t really know what those are). Hope to see you soon! 🙂

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