Weeks 29-35

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Is anyone else surprised we’re still using this blanket?  I thought I’d have to give it up at 6 months but somehow we’re still making it work.

In the last seven weeks Wes have gone from being an okay sitter to a great sitter.  From a sitter to a butt bouncer.  From a butt bouncer to a leg stander to a peg leg crawler to a mostly normal crawler.  He’s gotten three teeth!  He’s gone from three naps a day to two (and we are still working on how to make that work for ourselves).  We’ve started to go to the pool regularly (he’s sporting a bathing suit there at 34 weeks), and he is loving the splashing.

It’s really so fun to watch him develop and grow.  It’s so amazing the changes that happen in this first year.  I’ve started to listen to a parenting podcast called The Shortest Longest Time, and it is so appropriately named.  At some point every day, even on the good days, I start to wonder why bedtime seems so far away, but then I look back on these 8 months and it’s happened so fast.

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