4th of July

Did you have a nice 4th of July?  We headed up to upstate New York to celebrate with my family.  Most, but not all, family members met Wes at Christmas, so this was a nice opportunity to introduce both Wes and Evelyn to everyone.

Sean, Wes, and I made our way to Utica on Thursday, and it was really nice to have two full days after a long trip.  On Friday morning, we played in and around Uncle Mark and Aunt Joanne’s house.

7.5.15 001 7.5.15 009 7.5.15 046 7.5.15 040 7.5.15 031 7.5.15 035IMG_1547 (2)

On one side of the property was an old zip line.  Sean found it.  Quietly, he found a rope to put the hanger in the right position and a stool to stand on for take off, so all of a sudden he was flying!

7.5.15 052

Sort of.

Then Aunt Maggie, Evelyn, and Nana & Papa arrived.  Aunt Maggie came bearing gifts.

7.5.15 056

How cute are these knee pads for our new crawler?!

7.5.15 057 7.5.15 103Despite this sweet face, Evelyn fiercely guards her toys.

7.5.15 064

You spend all this money on toys and it turns out all babies really want are water bottles.

Evelyn and Wes took a tour of Aunt Joanne and Uncle Mark’s chicken coup.  Wes was not amused.

7.5.15 082

And if you were having trouble understanding the full presence of Wes, I think this picture, where he is about the same size as my aunt, really helps put him in perspective.  And isn’t that just the best face?

Maggie and Evelyn, on the other hand, were completely delighted with their tour.  (Isn’t it so fun that the chickens have window boxes?)

7.5.15 080

Sisters and their babies!7.5.15 095It was hard for me to get Evelyn smiling on camera, but she is a very smiley baby.

On the 4th, my Aunt Annie, who lives two houses down the road, hosted us all.  These New York relatives really know how to host good parties!

7.5.15 106 7.5.15 110 7.5.15 112 7.5.15 114 7.5.15 1177.5.15 1167.5.15 118 7.5.15 124 7.5.15 127Failed attempt at a patriotic cousin picture.

7.5.15 132 IMG_1086 (2)

Then my cousin Tyler set off a little show for us.

7.5.15 185 7.5.15 206

Although the real show were the fireflies, which I could not capture on film, video or picture.  They were everywhere and as high up as the trees!  They were amazing!

Thanks for the great time, family!

4 thoughts on “4th of July

  1. What a wonderful remembrance of or time together. You did a nice job and turned it around so quickly! It was great seeing you all thanks for making that big trip. Love you.

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  3. In the chicken coop pic, It looks like Wes is thinking, “I just saw where eggs come from, and it is disgusting”

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