Pulling Up

At playgroup last week one of the moms mentioned how cruising is such a life changer (remember, we’re first time moms over here) for the worst, and I couldn’t believe it!  I think pulling up is so fun and so cruising just has to be this wonderful, amazing, fun next step.  No, no, this mom says.  So I’m so curious about what I’ll think of cruising.  But for now, I love pulling up!  (I guess this is almost a genius baby post…maybe?  If you’re not interested in seeing a post that’s basically just photos and videos of my baby, this one isn’t for you.)

IMG_4194 (2) 7.10.15 017 7.16.15 045 7.16.15 02607.16.15 011

How happy is this kid?!  Then how cute is this which happened right after (which isn’t an official pull up, but an exception can be made, I think):

One more photo and video combo:

7.10.15 033

I sent this last one to Sean and I said, “at least he’s mastered the safe landing!”

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