It’s not a fib, it’s motherhood

You know throwback Thursday?  You know, #tbt?  Well, here’s my first!  I realized I have a few drafts hanging out that I never published for whatever reason.  I’m not sure why I didn’t post this one, from February 4, 2015, but I didn’t.  It’s kind of funny.  Plus, what a look back for me!  This was only 5 months ago, but a lot has changed in those 5 months!  Four months is a whole different thing than 9 months.  I guess I’m kind of glad I never posted this one….


2.6.15 048

When you were younger did anyone ever give you the advice that the more excuses you add on to something the more likely it would seem like a fib?  Like, I don’t have my homework today because my little sister scribbled all over it and then my dog vomited on it and then my house caught on fire!

Well, the other day I was meeting a friend and her baby for a coffee “play date” and we arrived late.  Why?  Because Wes, who has been eating at a crazy frenzied pace lately decided that on this particular morning to sip his bottle.  Sometimes he’d get distracted by his mobile (he is forever distracted by that mobile), sometimes he just wanted to savor the flavor, sometimes…I don’t know.  Sometimes Sean changes Wes’s diaper in his crib.  I made the decision on this morning that this was a good idea for me.  I unstrap the diaper, go for a fresh one, and turn around to a golden arch wetting the bed, the baby, the wall, possibly the floor, and the fresh diaper once I realized what was happening.  He spit up on himself twice and the second time he was already in his car seat.  It snowed the day before and I tried to be proactive and scrape the car during Wes’s nap but he woke up with still half a car to go, so I did the second half as fast as I could before we left.  I’m still confused about how this happened, but the school buses were still running at 10:45 that morning.  And of course you stop for buses but especially when there’s a child in a wheelchair boarding.  So that’s why we were 15 minutes late to our play date.  If a mother gives you a laundry list of why she was late, remember that it’s not a fib, it’s just motherhood.

2.4.15 032

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