Switzerland Part III: Lucerne & Zurich

As I mentioned in Part II, Lucerne was a last minute decision.  We should have stayed in Murren another day and then to our final destination, but Sean got bored and so we moved on.

Switzerland 233 Switzerland 236 Switzerland 238

This pretzel was advertised on the menu as being stuffed with cheese.  I envisioned nacho cheese oozing out.  I was disappointed, but still felt like I needed a picture with a pretzel.

Switzerland 239The Lion Monument (Wikipedia will do better than me since we were not on a tour).

Switzerland 242

Are you in there Madeline?  (I know, it’s not Paris.)

Switzerland 244 Switzerland 245 Switzerland 249

We stumbled upon The Nine Towers.

Switzerland 251 Switzerland 253

We were pretty homesick at this point.  We’d been watching all videos and looking at all the pictures we had of Wes on our phones.  So we had Mexican for dinner in Lucerne!  I know!  It was comforting, though!  Mexican is a real staple at our house.  (I think it was also the lack of nacho cheese at lunch.)

Then we hopped on a train to Zurich.  Sean loves the trains in Switzerland.  They run perfectly on time.

Switzerland 263 Switzerland 264 Switzerland 265 Switzerland 267That’s our hotel.  They have a stork theme, and I loved the stork nest on the roof.

Switzerland 262We barely went into any stores but of course being homesick for Wes we did go into a children’s music shop.

Switzerland 271 Switzerland 273 Switzerland 272There are a million coiffeurs/salons/barber/hair studios in Switzerland.  They are everywhere!  And I can’t say that the Swiss have particularly good hair given all the coiffeurs.  This one won best sign.

Switzerland 276Did you see The Grand Budapest Hotel?  I think we know where the Society of the Crossed Keys meets.

Switzerland 279 Switzerland 281

Dessert with a view.

Switzerland 284 Switzerland 288 Switzerland 293 Switzerland 294

A few people in Zurich started a group to give free walking tours.  It was a great tour.  These last two pictures are views from the remains of the first Roman settlement in Zurich.  Switzerland 291 Switzerland 304In Zurich, they like to use the sides of their buildings to tell stories like this important event happened here or this important person stayed here or this person died here.

Switzerland 305 Switzerland 306IMG_4220 IMG_4267

Maybe we need a selfie stick?  Ha.  Sean would never let me use it.

Despite all the comments about being homesick, we had a really nice time.  It was a great break from the norm and really nice to be just Sean and me.  And it’s good I feel that way because the saddest part of it was Wes didn’t recognize me when I got home.  Sean tried to warn me, but I wouldn’t listen.  I was convinced he’d be delighted to see me.  No.  Blank stare, who is this lady?  It was heartbreaking.  I’d still do it again, and at least next time I’ll be ready for the non-excitement at my homecoming.

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