Indoor Playground

A few weeks ago we had a play date with our friend Liam (remember Liam? Wes’s “twin”?).  We went to Busy Bees, a new indoor playgroup with soft surfaces designed specifically for children under 48 inches.  At first I wasn’t sure it was a good idea for us.  It seemed like the bigger kids might take over everything.  While there was a space for babies, it was really popular with the big kids, too.  We all got comfortable with things pretty quickly and had a great time.

IMG_4251We were asked by a mom whether they were twins or whether Kathryn and I are related.  No on both counts, but we find it amusing.

IMG_4253 IMG_4255 IMG_4259

Once the baby section was cleared of big kids, the babies spent more time pulling up and looking out than they did playing with the baby toys.

IMG_4261 IMG_4263

Wes must be paying attention to the mommies at yoga because he’s gotten really good at downward facing dog.  And if you look really closely you can see a tooth!  It’s so hard to get a picture of baby teeth!

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