Get yourself a veteran mom friend

You know my friend Angie?  She pops up from time to time here.  She’s a teacher and for most of the summer we figured out half way points for playdates.  This past Friday was our last, and I’m totally bummed about it.  Most importantly because I love Angie as a person that I have known since college, but also because as a first time mom having a veteran mom friend that you trust and are close with is completely critical.  Angie has helped me to come to terms with how I feed my baby, to understand that yes you should go to the emergency room right now for this, to talk out feelings about all the changes motherhood brings, to help me realize that classes for 1 year olds aren’t necessary (and especially not French lessons! (mothers are crazy)), and a whole lot more.  So if you haven’t already, get yourself a veteran mom friend and ask her questions.

Anyway, we went to Tyson’s Corner this past Friday.  I hate Tyson’s Corner, but I was very happy that Angie knew about a playground outside Lord & Taylor with a Shake Shack right next door.

IMG_4329 (1) All of our boys!  Angie’s boys are very adorable, very happy, and very sweet.

IMG_4334 IMG_4335Please don’t misunderstand.  I love Wes.  I love that Wes is a big kid.  I don’t want to come across as though I’m making fun of him.  I am not.  I love those chunky thighs. That being said, a little comparison pic never hurt anyone (well, it almost hurt Robbie, he wasn’t really happy with me.)  Robbie is 19 or 20 months, and sweet baby Wesley is basically his same size at just a few days before 10.

IMG_4336Let’s not forget about Reed!  Reed is such a great kid.  So helpful and great at sharing.

IMG_4337It’s so cute when babies climb on large Jenga blocks, isn’t it?  No!  Babies climbing Jenga blocks is no good at all.  As I was thinking what a cute picture and not really paying attention to what was happening, Wes nearly face planted into the concrete.  I saved him by seconds.  Not one of my finer moments in motherhood.

IMG_4341 IMG_4343 IMG_4353We all stopped for a Shake Shack lunch and I thought it was unfair that I had a burger and fries and Wes had a egg, so he got a taste of his first French fry!  Although he did sit in direct sunlight all lunch so by the end of it he was bright red.  I had applied sunscreen, but I was convinced he was sunburned for life as we were leaving.  Between that and the almost face plant over Jenga blocks, I felt like I’d failed at motherhood that day.  Thanks for talking me down from that, Angie.  Thanks for making the time to hang out with us this summer.  And thanks for being the veteran mom friends who helps me deal with my mom guilt and understand that it’s all okay.

(For the record, I had zero mom guilt about that French fry.  French fries are fact of life and should be embraced!)

2 thoughts on “Get yourself a veteran mom friend

  1. That last sentence puts you high on my list of potential veteran mom friends! 🙂 Here’s hoping for a Shake Shack date in the future. And thank goodness for Angie! Bringing us all such great perspective, all the time.

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