We’re moving!! & some weekly pictures

With a title like that I think you can guess that things have been really hectic over here.    We’d had this very calm, very nice plan of let’s-move-before-Wes-is-5-so-we’re-in-a-good-school-district-for-Kindergarten.  Then all of a sudden we find ourselves in the middle of a let’s-move-before-the-Fed-hikes-interest-rates plan.  We started down on this plan the very same day of my last post and now we have an offer on our house and offer on a new house in Springfield, VA (about 15 minutes south of our current house), and a move-in date of November 19th!  It’s all very exciting but it’s been a lot of work and a very emotional ride to get this point.  It’s not quite over either.  Everything checks out well on our new house, but we have a home inspection on our current house to get through plus an appraisal, as well as some violations according to our condo association that we have to explain to our buyers.  As with this whole process, just as I’m allowing myself to get excited about something, something else happens and I’m worried it won’t work out all over again.

But for now let’s say we’re moving!!  Keep your fingers crossed that everything works out in terms of our current house.

And now, some pictures of Wes:

43 weeks 44 weeks 45 weeks

Wes has seven teeth now and a really dangerous bite!  Keep your fingers away!  He also puts everything in his mouth.  Which is normal and maybe related to teething, but he wants to eat it.  This makes the playground very stressful since there are acorns and sticks and seed pods all over the place.

46 weeksw

This picture happened late in week 46 and this was taken on the very first day of his Parent’s Day Out (PDO) Program.  Every Tuesday Wes goes to a program from 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  Initially I said this was for Wes so he could start to learn to socialize without me since we’re very attached.  Saying that made me feel less guilty that I’m a stay at home mom sending her baby away for 5 hours each week.  I feel less guilty about it each time.  I normally clean the house, but it’s still so nice to have the time to myself.  Everyone needs a break.

47 weeks 48 weeks

I call this one the keeping it real picture and it’s one of my favorites.  Sean’s making him laugh and hopefully you can tell by his arms and legs and he is really, really laughing.  But he’s also sick here and his onesie is stained for probably both breakfast and lunch…  It happens.

49 weeks

Today is the first day of week 50!  Can you even believe that?!  Including this week’s picture we have just three left for this year!  The inspiration for this photo project continued monthly until age 3 and then switched to annual pictures.  I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do.


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