Happy birthday, Wes!

53Our sweet baby is 1!  At his Parent’s Day Out program today one of the teachers asked him if he felt different.  He responded by putting something in his mouth so that’s a clear no.  I’ve been thinking a lot about when Wes came into the world.  He came in quietly.  It took him a little bit to cry.  He had a massive poop on arrival, but didn’t cry right away.  And everyone we encountered in the hospital commented that he was such a chill baby.  Sometimes it is difficult for me to remember that he’s chill because I see the best and worst of him on a daily basis, but everyone still comments that he is such a chill baby.  So while there is a ton of growth and change that has happened in this first year, it’s nice to be reminded that his essence was there from day one.  I’m so curious where it will take him.

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(We had these photos done just the other weekend to mark Wes’ first year.  I feel like a terrible person but I’m not giving our photographer, who did a great job, credit because she used our last name as on her blog.  Bummer, huh?)

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I had to fill our a questionnaire for the new MOMS Club I’m joining since we’re moving to Springfield, VA.  One of the questions was what is something I learned from my child.  Well, how much time do you have was my first thought.  But I narrowed it down to one thing.  I’ve learned to slow down, which is incredibly rewarding and incredibly hard, and appreciate the small things in life.  And I mean really small.  During Wes’ bath tonight he dunked his wash clothe into the water, picked it up, and was completely fascinated by the stream of water.  What is this?  Why can’t I grab this?  What is the purpose of this?  How did this happen?  Now when was the last time you were completely fascinated by such a small thing?  There are so many things in this life I take for granted and now I have a small child to remind me to notice and delight in them all.  Or at least delight in his delight.  I don’t remember this all the time or even every day.  I already know that I’m stressed out about what I have on my plate tomorrow and I will probably not slow down and delight as much as I’d like, but it happens way more than it ever used to.  (Technically I didn’t narrow it down to one thing, did I?  That’s two, isn’t it?)

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Happy first, sweet Wesley!  Thanks for making us parents.  Thanks for the most rewarding, challenging, frustrating, and amazing year of our lives.  We love you to the moon and back!

(And let’s be clear, this is a belated birthday post.  Wes turned 1 on 10/23/15.)

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Wes!

  1. I have been so behind on the blog. Happy belated birthday to my favorite one-year old, and fingers crossed to all the fam for a smooth move! I can’t wait to hear and see more soon!

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