Shelley & Eric are married!

We were in Missouri on Wes’ actual birthday because Sean’s sister Shelley got married!  She and Eric met on eHarmony, which makes me so happy because Sean and I are also an eHarmony success story.  This wedding was so pack full of little details that were so perfectly Shelley.  Eric was accounted for to, don’t worry, but there were just so many lovely Shelley touches everywhere.


I know this is about Shelley and Eric, but this was also Wes’ birthday so we had to get a quick family photo before Wes was whisked off for bedtime.  Thanks, Uncle Mike!

IMG_3767 IMG_3782 IMG_3794

Their uncle Jim performed the ceremony.  During his homily/sermon/I don’t know what you call it when your Methodist talked about how when we’re first dating we are always so careful of the other person.  Careful to give the right impression of ourselves and to do the right things by that person so that we can ensure another date and another date and, with any luck, an event like this, a wedding.  Then over time we forget to be so careful.  We take the other person for granted.  I am really appreciative of this reminder.  I know I could do a better job in this area, especially now that there’s a baby in the mix.

IMG_3763 IMG_3800IMG_3754 IMG_3756 IMG_3803

Shelley is a librarian and loves pink.  I think these are important things to know in order to appreciate these details.  Shelley did not plan for her toasting bubbles to be pink, but that worked out perfectly, huh?


It’s really nice when fathers say nice things about their daughters, but can you shift your focus to the right where Alli is pumped about the Royals game also going on that night?  (Which is what Rich is commenting on in this picture, for the record.  I don’t want you to think she’s sneaking a peek at the game on her phone during some heartfelt moment.) That’s an amazing face, right?  I love it!

IMG_3759 IMG_3761 IMG_3829 IMG_3842 IMG_3853

Then we, or at least me, made a total fool of ourselves on the dance floor.  But I kind of always do at weddings, so no one was really surprised here.  There was this amazing moment when a really big circle of people, including people who do not know me at all, followed me in doing the Sarah dance to Crazy In Love.  The memory of a whole, big floor of people doing the Sarah dance is probably one of my top five favorite wedding moments ever.  It was so glorious.  I’m sure the pictures are really embarrassing…

Congratulations, Shelley & Eric!  We’re so happy for you!

2 thoughts on “Shelley & Eric are married!

  1. When you said you went crazy I thought, “I hope they played Crazy in Love,” and then I kept reading. 🙂 So loving this librarian wedding. Looks like the stuff of dreams…love and books!

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