Wes is walking! (Kinda, sorta)

Around October 11th, Wes started to stand completely on his own.  It was so exciting!  Here’s a video of one of his very first times standing.

IMG_4551 IMG_4552

Then a few days before his birthday he started to take steps.  Timid steps.  Here’s a series of videos of him not walking, but of Sean really trying to get him to walk and me trying to get the walking on camera, all of which I just find amusing.

That last one obviously has nothing to do with walking, but I thought it was cute so snuck it in.

Then he took seven whole steps while we were in Missouri for Shelley & Eric’s wedding!  He walked right in front of his grandma and grandpa.  Finally, we got the deed on film:

He’s still at about this place.  Seven steps is still the most he’s done.  He’s getting more and more confident each day.  It’s very exciting and so fun to watch!

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