Baby Jay!

On Halloween Wes was too busy being pantless and eating cake that a costume change on the real day just didn’t happen.  There’s a Halloween party at our community center on Halloween, but otherwise kids don’t really go door-to-door on our side of the neighborhood.  Plus, when you go trick or treating with your one-year-old, who ends up eating all that candy that doesn’t need it?  Yeah.

But fear not!  Wes did participate in a Halloween activity and therefore had a costume!  It’s funny the things Sean has a real, strong, this must happen for our child opinions on.  Dressing Wes up as Baby Jay was one of those things.


Wes did not love being Baby Jay.  He hated that hat.  He was also recently introduced to the idea of shoes at this time, and he doesn’t love shoes either.  Maybe the logo on the front there makes it obvious to everyone, but just in case Baby Jay is the baby version of the Jayhawk, the mascot for the University of Kansas.  (We’ve dressed up Wes to be a tiny KU fan before.)

IMG_4595 IMG_4597 IMG_4602

We took ourselves to our MOMS Club Halloween party with our little Jayhawk.  I was so excited to go to this party.  I don’t love Halloween for adults and have always been stumped as an adult for a good costume, but I love Halloween for children.  So I was really excited to be part of this party!  Sadly, I hardly knew anyone.  We only saw one playgroup friend.  I’m glad we went since Wes loves playgrounds, swings especially, but I’m already looking forward to next year when trick or treating makes more sense for us (maybe?) and all of our friends are also getting dressed up for the holiday.

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