Thanksgiving & a birthday

How are you?  We moved, and we’re adjusting.  It took us forever to get internet (that’s true (tomorrow marks two weeks and we moved on November 19) and also an excuse I’m making).  Are you enjoying your December?  I’m super bummed at this weather, except the extra time outside at playgrounds or just in our own driveway is nice.  More on our house soon (I hope), but for now…

One of the times I let lots of time go by between blog posts my mom told me to just move forward and not think about my backlog.  Good advice, although I didn’t think I could let Thanksgiving and Evelyn’s first birthday go undocumented!  So let me tell you about our Thanksgiving weekend.

For Thanksgiving we drove up to Pittsburgh to be with Maggie and Evelyn.  My parents and my grandmother joined us.  We went to the Grand Concourse, a real favorite of Maggie’s and our family’s, for our Thanksgiving feast.  Not going to lie, it’s nice to have someone else worry about the cooking and the dishes.  It’s not a bad way to go.


This is Wes’s too much turkey face!  He really did have way too much.


I tried.  The lighting was weird.

IMG_4835IMG_4829After our lunch we hung out at Maggie’s house.  The babies got restless so we found a park nearby.  Wes loves playgrounds!  He was like, stick with me Evelyn!  I’ll show you all the fun stuff.


It was a really nice break in the day for us and the babies.  It’s bittersweet about the weather lately, huh?  I’m glad we were able to get out on this particular day though.

IMG_4149IMG_4151Evelyn’s birthday is December 8, but Maggie decided to have the party the Saturday after the holiday.  We all helped decorate on Friday.  Well, everyone but Wes.  Wes thought about maybe taking a bath in Evelyn’s inflatable duck, which he then decided was a good window companion.  IMG_4164He also contemplated why his mother had never given him a used wrapping paper tube before because they are greatest (this one is still the greatest addition to his playroom).  He also wondered why on earth his mother just can not keep pants on him!  Still!  Two months later!

IMG_4176Papa cuddling those babies before the day’s big events!


Didn’t Maggie do the most amazing job with the Winter One-derland theme?  Didn’t she also do the most amazing job with those fondant snowflakes?  Isn’t Evelyn so lucky?


You know how I mentioned that Wes isn’t really a party kind of guy?  At least not right now in his life anyway.  Well, this is where babies and people and personalities are so interesting.  Evelyn is a party girl.  She is just like her momma.  She’s going to enter rooms in mid-sentence with a big smile and a big laugh and a great story, just like her momma.


And here comes Wes.  He may not like being the center of attention, but he’s not afraid to get right into someone else’s action.  IMG_4308IMG_4311IMG_4329IMG_4332Look at that smile!

IMG_4379IMG_4381IMG_4390IMG_4396IMG_4405It took her a little bit, but then she totally got into and would have eaten the whole thing!

IMG_4409IMG_4418IMG_4426Four generations of some very lovely women.  And I think they all have the same nose?  Maybe?


What a good time we had!  Thanks, Maggie and Evelyn for a great weekend.


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