Happy birthday, Angie!

The other birthday I couldn’t let go undocumented – Angie’s!

A few weekends before we moved, Angie celebrated her birthday!  IMG_4766

We celebrated at the DC beer fest, which was a bar crawl.  Initially some wanted to make it through all 26!  We did 9…

IMG_4742Angie is a beer girl.  I’m not, but I wanted to celebrate her appropriately so I did beer.  I’m glad I did.  Some of my favorite memories of Angie involve beer (which is ironic because we initially became friends due to the fact that we were college freshman who didn’t drink).  Frat parties and sorority socials mainly, and these memories are truly some of the very best.  We have this fantastic story from senior year involving beer, DC, my green blazer, our friend Nina, and a libertarian that I made out with on a dance floor who drove us home in a pick up truck (he was also the bouncer/DJ, totally sober, and dropped all us girls off together) (sorry Sean and Wes).  And now we are mothers.


I’m pretty sure I’ve reflected on this before, but it’s so strange to have a child who I know will think I am the weirdest, most uncool person to ever walk the face of the earth on day.  (Right now I’m still pretty cool and important.)  Who will think I only started to exist once he arrived, and that I couldn’t possibly have a life before him.  I am not the coolest, but I had some good moments.  Especially with Angie.

We had dinner at some point and two Ukrainian men (I think they were Ukrainian) somehow recognized we were celebrating something.  They helped us mark the occasion by singing happy birthday to her in Ukrainian.  It was pretty funny that they broke out into this song in the middle of the dining room, but they were actually pretty good.

So thanks for adding to my bucket of memories involving you and beer, Ang.  Hope this year is one of the best yet.

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