How was your Christmas?  Are you happy with your new year so far?  Before too much of January goes by, let’s chat about our Christmas.  We were with Sean’s family this year.  Remember they have lots of traditions?  We shook things up just slightly since we have a small child and midnight mass just wasn’t going to work for us.  Plus, we visited with Beth’s dad on a day where we would have normally visited with Rich’s parents, but I think all of these slight changes worked out really well for all involved.  And I think everyone should remember that as they contemplate the possibility of almond extract in the spritz cookies, pretzel laser eyes for the Rudolph sugar cookies, and no nuts in the party mix.  (Sorry, that’s all inside jokes of things we in-laws have decided should happen to shake up Sean’s family’s normal traditions in two years.)


Isn’t that a great Santa picture up there of Sean and his sisters?  And Wes is trying out his daddy’s rocking horse.  One of Rich’s friends made that for Sean, and it was fun to see Wes enjoy it.


Party mix and sugar cookies, of course.  I kept forgetting that this Christmas was the first Christmas with this side of the family for the brothers-in-law.  Look at Mike making such an earnest effort with the sugar cookies.  It’s intimidating to get in there and decorate.  I sat out this year.

IMG_4751IMG_4748IMG_4746The mustache on the Santa continues to be my favorite.  There was a little mix up with the regular mustache tip, so Alli really had to practice before putting the mustache on the actual cookie.  I mean this in all seriousness, especially about the Santa cookies, but this was important and nerve wrecking business!

IMG_4752I put Wes in the same bowtie as last year.  Let’s all take a moment to remember Wes as a little 2 month old last Christmas!  Mostly bald, still working so hard on tummy time, and chunky!   What a difference a year makes!


As I mentioned we went to an earlier service this year to accommodate Wes’s schedule.  A full pew of ladies, ranging from 5 to grandma, sat behind us and oh man did Wes flirt with every last one of them!  He loved every minute of them.  And I loved every minute of the free distraction.  Wes loves ladies.  It’s pretty funny.


If you’ll remember, Missouri is in Central time.  Because we don’t visit for an extended period of time we don’t adjust Wes’s schedule for the time change.  So this means he eats dinner at 4:30 and goes to bed at 5:00.  This also means he wakes up at 4:30 in the morning.  While he understands he has to wait to start his day when he wakes up too early (like 4:30 a.m. c/5:30 a.m. e), it’s really hard to enforce that for too long with a house full of people.  He doesn’t cry, but he’s not quiet either.  It’s cute when he wakes up laughing, which he did do one morning, but it’s not as cute when he wakes up with a lot to say about a lot.


On Christmas Eve we talked about Beth’s love for dishes (among lots of other things…we talked about a lot of things on Christmas Eve and had a great time).  She has lots of wonderful dishes.  These Christmas dishes are wonderful but let me tell you, her wedding china is great!  Along with her stemware!  Anyway, this is our Christmas day dinner table.  We had their traditional Christmas Eve dinner, except Eric added his broccoli cheese casserole.  And it was a good new addition!  (Again, everybody, Eric has good idea so maybe we really do need to give Laser Eyed Rudolph a chance.)


We finished our weekend together with a trip to Great Grandma and Grandpa’s.  And I’m really thankful for these family pictures.

Christmas was so long ago now but wasn’t this post such a nice reminder of the holiday?  It was for me.  The holiday season flew by so fast for me this year in a way it never has before.  Is that just how it will be now that we have a kid?

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