Pre-Christmas Activities

One last Christmas post about two activities leading up to Christmas.  First, we took a trip to see the trains at the National Botanical Gardens.  This was so fun!  It was beautiful and Wes loved it!


Everything, including the Capitol Building and the Supreme Court were made out of plants!  Isn’t that amazing!  This will be something we do every year in December.  I’m so happy it turned out to be as fun an activity as I wanted.  We also saw Santa this year, but I’m not going to share that picture because it didn’t go well.  At the advice of my mom, it’s something that I’ll only share with Wes once he has a small child that also reacts poorly to Santa.  So this year we had Christmas activities two of the four weekends leading up to the holiday.  Next year I’d really like to figure out family activities for all weekends in December.  I’m thinking we’ll add a family dinner in Old Town Alexandria with a stroll to see the lights afterward.  Hopefully by next year I’ll come up with a fourth activity.  Something festive but not over the top.

Anyway, our last activity was a Christmas celebration at our house the weekend before we headed to Missouri.  It was so fun to be Santa!  Santa’s main priority this year was to help make sure Wes stays warm in the snow this winter.  But if you asked Wes, he’d say Santa’s priority was to give him a ball.  Here’s a little video of Wes and his Christmas.  The last time I made a video was when Wes was 2 months old.  As with that video, this video below is maybe only a video a mother could love.  But it makes me happy and it’s really quite amazing to compare 2-month-old Wes to 15-month-old Wes!


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