The Blizzard of 2016

I don’t really love snow.  My perfect snowfall is the one that looks pretty but then melts immediately or at least by the end of the day.  That being said, it was fun to watch Wes figure out snow.  And there’s still plenty of figuring to be done.  He likes it better and better with each day.  Here’s a little video of our time in the snow (and make sure you watch until the end because there’s a special feature after the credits):

And a few photos too:

IMG_5068IMG_5013IMG_5078Sean was so excited about the snow, so it was fun to see him interact with Wes over the snow.


I helped Wes make a snow angel!


Do you love this enormous pile of snow the plow put right in front of our driveway?  It might be hard to tell, but this pile is taller than Sean.  But, many of our neighbors also noticed and came together to help us out.  We didn’t have to ask, they just came with their shovels and multiple snow blowers.  I think we’d still be digging out if it weren’t for our neighbors, so I’m incredibly grateful for all of them.

IMG_5097Just amazing.


Sean made Wes a giant snow ball and after that he was obsessed with snowballs.



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