Wes’s Baptism


Wes is baptized!  My mom is so happy!  I’m happy too.  I didn’t mean to put it off quite this long, but I had a hard time making decisions about how to do it.  We had everyone come over Martin Luther King weekend for the event, and it was such a great time.  I loved having a full house of people.


I asked Alli to be the official photographer.  Isn’t it amazing how seriously she took her job?  She and Mike got up into the choir balcony for their setting the scene pictures.


Don’t you love Evelyn’s flame of hair?


Wes loved splashing in the baptismal fount.  He was a big hit with the congregation.  We had so many people come up to us after to say congratulations and to make predictions about what Wes would be when he grows up given his performance (minister and opera singer) and to just chat with us about Wes.  It was nice, and surprising because we’ve really only attended church for a few services recently mostly because they agreed to baptize Wes.


I took a sad about of pictures from the rest of the weekend because there was so much to do, but Sean and I were so happy to do it.  We’re really pleased with how the weekend and our first time hosting so many people overnight went.  I know everyone was worried there for a minute that we’d never baptize Wes, but it was worth the wait because we could never have housed everyone for the weekend in our last house.

IMG_4986 (2)IMG_4884

I was proud of my snack time/tea time display, and it’s the only picture of our food I took the whole weekend.


My mom was in charge of the puzzle.  There’s a puzzle going often when her family gets together.  It’s a good way bring people together to one place or make them feel like they have a job for the people who like to have jobs.  This one was popular and went fast.  I wasn’t expecting everyone to finish it so fast!  Sean and I brought out another, much harder puzzle and it wasn’t as popular and didn’t go as fast.  We’re still working on it.

IMG_4888Then of course Wes and Evelyn were adorable together.  It was funny to see Evelyn investigate Wes’s stuff and Wes to get a little territorial about it.

Does everyone want to come back President’s Day weekend?!  🙂


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