Happy Birthday, Robbie!


The weekend before Christmas Robbie turned 2!  His party was farm themed and my favorite part of the whole night was when he wanted one of the farm themed napkins so he turned to his mom (my friend, Angie) and said “e-i-e-i-oh!” a few times.  I thought it was so cute.


See, he’s so happy with his “e-i-e-i-o” napkin!


Do you see that cardboard barn back there?  Angie is so creative!


Kristen has a new baby, too!  Ezra was born in September and he’s adorable!  It’s amazing how fast you forget how little they start out.


I published my post about Angie’s birthday the same day of this party, so I had frat boys on the brain.  My title for this picture above is how many frat boys does it take to light birthday candles?  All of these men have children now and that’s kind of weird.  I’m sure they think the same thing about me.


Happy 2nd, Robbie!

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