Giving it another go

Hi Everybody!  We’ve missed you!  But we weren’t sure what to do about you.  Because of the amount of pictures on the blog, it costs a little bit each year to maintain it.  Last year’s payment expired right around the time of my last post.  I couldn’t decide whether I could justify the cost given my blogging habits.  But Sean misses the blog!  Maybe you do too, but Sean does!  So we’ll see how this year goes!  I’m nervous to be back at this again.  I’m worried that I’ll feel stressed out about not posting.  At the same time, I’ve been writing stories in my head for months now, and I’m excited to have the space back to share.

So what’s going on with us right now?  Here’s a picture dump of some things you’ve missed in the past months.  Enjoy!



We created some art of the living room!


We spent lots of time in our playroom and dad made Wes a fort!


Headed to DC for a museum play date!



I ran out of gas with the captions, could you tell?  Hopefully you can guess some of what’s been going on?



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