I know Easter was forever ago, but it was more of an event.  It didn’t feel like it could be just quickly included with that picture dump.  Besides, that picture dump had already gotten a little out of hand.

Is Easter a big one for you?  It’s not so much for me.  While Easter candy is some of my absolute favorite (I’m looking at you, mini eggs, even with your new recipe…), I just don’t look forward to Easter in the same way I do other holidays that involve sugar and presents.  I didn’t even make a basket for Wes last year.  But, I do love an excuse to get together with family.


Who doesn’t love the “Pout, Pout Fish”?  But more importantly, who doesn’t love Evelyn’s hair  (below, I mean)!!


I mean, c’mon!  How great is that hair?

Sister is super smart and is a member of Pittsburgh’s botanic gardens!  I couldn’t believe how smart an idea this is.  When it’s the middle of winter and you’re going totally stir crazy and wish you had some fresh air, over to the gardens you go!  I can’t believe I didn’t think of this.  The National Botanic Gardens are further now that we’ve moved, but I can make this work for us in the winter when I get sad about the cold.  Especially since it’s free for me!


Their theme when we went was works of art.  So they arranged the flowers to look like famous paintings.  I loved it.


I also loved these creepy guys.


They also had a mini grocery store!  So fun!

IMG_5420Apple was one of the first words Wes said very clearly.


Even though it was Saturday, we had our Easter egg hunt after we got home from the botanic gardens.

IMG_5445IMG_5454IMG_5460IMG_5463IMG_5466Wes got a little grabby.  He REALLY liked the yogurt melt things.

IMG_5471We really packed a lot into this weekend.  It was positioned between my dad’s birthday and Maggie’s, so we got a nice dinner out in there too.  We went at 4:30 because of course, and the babies did so well!  I was relieved and happy.


Now I’m excited for our family get togethers scheduled in July!

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