Watch what you say

IMG_5624There are lots of fun things about Wes right now, but I particularly love that he really tries to repeat what we say.  I love tossing him a new word and being surprised when he can say it perfectly (like “office”) and amused when it’s a struggle (like when “oink” is done with mouth closed and munching type noises).  Or to watch him watch your mouth and really think about how to say a new word.

But there’s a much less cute side to this.  He’s repeating my most used words and phrases back at me.  It’s really interesting to understand how your little one hears you.  Apparently, I have some very forceful nos, stops, and Aidens.  Then something I did not realize at all and that’s that I say alright. Like a lot.


And then, there’s sh*t.  A few weeks ago, Wes was carrying his step stool around the kitchen.  He dropped it and he said sh*t.  Just last week he dumped the coffee table tray on the floor and he said it again!  It’s so embarrassing!  It was inevitable!   Did Aiden just run from the backyard into the forest?  My response is…  Did you decide that sending the fire truck down the slide was a good idea and now it has landed on your toe and there’s blood everywhere?  My response is…  Did the oatmeal boil over in the microwave while I was trying to load and reload the dishwater, make myself coffee, answer someone’s text about our play date, etc.  My response is…  (Oatmeal boiling over in the microwave is one of my biggest pet peeves.  It’s so small, but it makes me so…so… quick to say an expletive…)

I’m trying to correct this.  I’m not sure how it’s going.  Cross your fingers it’s not too late for us.


{Photos from Mother’s Day.}


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