Family Bike Rides

IMG_5746Sean and I rode bikes together maybe once before Wes was born.  But for some reason the idea of toting my small child around with me on a bike is so appealing.  I’ve been dying for Wes to get old enough and for the weather to be nice enough for us to all ride bikes as a family.  And that time has arrived!


Wes loves putting his helmet on, but doesn’t really love the fact that it has to stay on.


This past Sunday the weather was absolutely perfect for our bike ride and we were more adventurous than usual with our route.  It was a great way to spend some time together that morning.  Spending time outside definitely makes the day better for everyone.


Have you ridden a bike lately?  It is so magical.  Flying down a hill with the breeze in my hair transports me back to when I was small and makes me feel free.  If you’re able to get your hands on a bike, even by renting one, I totally recommend you reacquaint yourself with bike riding.


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