Over the holiday weekend we celebrated Sean’s dad, whose birthday was Wednesday.  Not only did we celebrate him, we surprised him!  I don’t think any of us really believed he was surprised, but he assured us he was.  It feels like a real accomplishment to pull off a surprise birthday, which I had the smallest part in.  So I’m really complimenting Beth, Shelley, and Alli here and not myself at all.


Shelley made bourbon mini cupcakes and they were fantastic!

It was a really nice party.  The rain held off by some miracle, and there was a great turn out.  One of Rich’s brother’s even flew in that morning and flew out that afternoon just for the occasion!  Aside from these decorations, I didn’t capture any of the party on film.  But I did make sure we got a few family shots!


I couldn’t decide which one I liked best.  I think the second one is funny but maybe a bit blurry.  Isn’t Rich and Beth’s garden so pretty?


Checking for fairies.  I love a fairy garden.


I’m not sure how, but bottle rockets were mentioned.  In the places I grew up, fireworks/crackers/anything of the sort were either illegal or just not something my parents purchased.  But Sean had bottle rocket wars growing up (this is dangerous, if you’re unfamiliar with bottle rockets.  Don’t try this at home).  So we went on a search for bottle rockets.  Bottle rockets are now illegal in his parents’ county.  I was too nervous to let him buy a bunch of illegal bottle rockets (which you could have down like a street or two down in the next county and apparently the police don’t get that mad, but…) but we came back with pops and legal fireworks.  Turns out you can step on pops.  Thanks for freaking us all out as you figured that out, Wes.


Wes wasn’t sure how to handle the firecrackers at first.  He loved it after we realized covering his ears helped.

The first round of firecrackers weren’t enough for Sean.  Another run was made and things as close to bottle rockets as possible were purchased.  Sean was totally in his element.  His work is pretty stressful right now, and I think this was very therapeutic for him.  How could blowing things up not be therapeutic?


I’m super proud of this picture!


During Sean’s show we asked Rich about his 60 years.  His favorite memory (the moon landing) and his favorite birthday (I can’t remember the age but they went camping and got a transistor radio).  Then even though the obvious favorites of wedding and births of his children were excluded in the beginning, we talked about them anyway.  A life well lived.  It was fun to celebrate with you and hear about your 60 years, Rich.  Thanks for sharing.  Happy birthday!

And we might be celebrating with you every year because it turns out that fireworks/crackers/anything of the sort in Virginia are crazy expensive and not nearly as good.

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