Water Playdates

Summer wouldn’t be summer without playdates with Angie and her boys.  I’ll spare you another love letter to Angie (but you can read it here as well as compare the pictures I’ll share in this post to the pictures of these boys from last year, which is kind of fun.)   We’ve had two playdates this summer and both have involved water.  Wes is such a water bug.


We went to a splash pad near Angie’s house first.  This was our first splash pad experience.  Wes was so happy!


They’re so delighted with each other!  Angie and I were so delighted with their delight!  Reed missed the first one, but he joined us for the second.  A sprayground near our house.  It was fantastic and I can’t wait to go back again!


Wes was having the best day of his life at this place.  One of the things I like about Wes is his independence at playgrounds (or spraygrounds in this case).  Depending on his mood, he can be a bit clingy at home.  He can be super clingy when we’re attending a class or other organized event.  But when we’re at playgrounds or something that is not organized and inside he’s like, “catch ya later, mom.  Thanks for bringing me here.”  He’ll maybe try to find me to confirm if I saw something really funny that happened to him, but otherwise he’s off.


One of Reed and Wes’s many hand holdings.  And let’s all take in together the fact that my 20 month old is the same size as Angie’s 2.5 year old.  It’s so crazy.  (And crazier still to see the difference a year makes if you go back to that post from last summer.)


Angie and I want to know, how do people get perfect pictures of their children?  It seems impossible!  Although Angie’s boys are doing a pretty good job here.

We’re so glad we have a whole summer with you, Angie, Reed & Robbie!

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