Frying Pan Farm Park

IMG_5896IMG_5916IMG_5917IMG_5929Earlier this week, Wes and I took a trip to Frying Pan Farm Park with our friends Christy and Ian.  They had been before and recommended it so highly that they wanted to see it again.  As you would imagine, when you’re just starting to learn animals and animal sounds as well as “Old MacDonald,” going to the real live version of that is pretty fantastic.


Sean was in Boston so we recapped the day over FaceTime.  Sean asked him about his day and Wes told him, “baa, baa sheep” and then made his version of a pig sound followed by “shhhh.”  Now, yes, we are his parents and are giving a lot of credit here (because unless you’re spending time with Wes his pig sound sounds nothing like “oink”), but see how the pigs are sleeping?  He was explaining to Sean that we saw sleeping pigs.  It’s so fun to see Wes start to connect the dots about things like this and to start to figure out sentences/storytelling/recapping.  All of this is pretty new for Wes.  Or, he’s been doing it for a little while and I’m just figuring out what he’s been doing.  That’s very possible.  Sean and I are really enjoying these early stages of asking Wes questions about what has happened to him or what will happen to him and kinda sorta getting answers.


I think they’re starting to look more and more different, but we have been asked if they’re related.

IMG_571520160711_101343 (1)IMG_5735IMG_5738 (1)Christy and I imagined the boys would love going on a carousel ride.  They didn’t hate it, but neither wanted to sit on a horse for the ride.  I thought that was so funny.  Maybe it’s the age.

We had intended to stay a little longer and I’m not sure if it was the hot weather or the carousel ride, but they both started to melt down.  Christy and I looked at it each and said, “time to go!”  So we did.  Which was perfect because it doesn’t always work out quite so perfectly that everyone is on the same page about leaving.  Despite knowing when to leave, we had a great time!  We’ll see you again, baa, baa sheep!

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