Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Sunday was National Ice Cream Day, did you know?  I love a random National Something Day.  I’m trying to remember to mark these random National Something Days on my calendar so we can celebrate them each year now that Wes is here.  (We didn’t celebrate this year but I know we will eventually celebrate National Hotdog Day on June 14th and we’ll also figure out how to make Read Across America Day on March 2nd fun in our house.)

So in honor of National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, Wes and I made some!  We made this recipe for Honey Peach Ice Cream from Yummy Toddler Food.


I’m sure you have all kinds of thoughts about the fact that he’s naked and the burner’s on.  That’s okay.  We talked about this a lot and no one was burned.

Wes and I have baked together three times (I’m deciding ice cream making counts as baking here).  It is a real lesson in patience.  What I thought was going to be a lesson in patience for him, turned out to be very much a lesson in patience for me.  Sean made him a tower for helping in the kitchen, and Wes really enjoys seeing what’s happening and helping with the mixing and the dumping and the button pushing.


Button pushing is definitely the best part.  I have learned in our short time baking together that things involving the food processor are a much, much better experience for us than things involving just a bowl and spoon.  Because Wes wants to do it and everything goes everywhere when there’s a bowl and a spoon.

We cooked our peaches before nap time and churned our ice cream after.


Sneaking a taste!


Then it was barely ready in time for an after dinner treat, but we had some anyway.  This is not the ice cream of your life.  Even with the extra honey, this is nowhere near sweet enough for me, and I wish I got more peach flavor.  Also, because I worked with a toddler I went too slow and our final result is too icy/crumbly.  But it doesn’t matter because Wes likes eating and he really liked helping.  And while it is stressful, I really like doing things like this with him.

Now go mark your calendars so you’re ready next year!

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