Sisters and Babies Weekend

Sister bought a new house!  So over Labor Day Weekend Wes and I took the trip to Pittsburgh to see it and visit for a Sisters and Babies weekend.  Like the Sisters and Babies weekend when Evelyn first arrived.


Their new house is so charming!


I made Maggie take this picture for comparison’s sake.  If you click on the link above from our first visit with Evelyn, you’ll see a photo of Maggie holding these two.  What a difference almost two years makes!


Maggie and Evelyn took us to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  It’s such a fantastic space.  It makes me sad we don’t have a Children’s Museum in DC.  Their Daniel Tiger exhibit was great even though these two don’t know who he is yet.


The pig tail sihouettes!  Right?

You could spend a whole day here.  After lunch we stretched our schedules a bit and ventured to the water exhibit.  It was worth it, even though Wes missed his nap window and didn’t sleep.  Sometimes it’s worth it.  (On vacation… very specifically on vacation.)


They also took us to the barn to see Jenny, Maggie’s horse.  The babies loved it.  Not going to lie I had flashbacks to high school when I begrudgingly drove Maggie there before she got her license.  But it was sweet to see Maggie and Jen together again.


And then it was over…


But not without a cousin picture.


And a few kisses.

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