Wes’s First Day of Preschool!


Wes had his first day of preschool on Tuesday.  He was only an hour, but it was a great success!  Isn’t he adorable in this picture?  Here are the outtakes:


Really, mom?


But I promise I am sitting up straighter.  What does that even mean?


Motor lips.


These last four photos are courtesy of our friend, Christy.

And while I looked forward to this all summer, because I really missed our PDO program from last year, there was something about sending him off to preschool that was a little bittersweet.  He’s so very much my little buddy all day.  He never leaves me in wonder about what’s going on because he narrates everything.  “Wesley eating.”  “Wesley cooking pancakes.”  “Wesley working on projects.”  “Aiden barking.”  “Corn!”  “Onion.”  “Cindy home.”  “Da-da home.”  Nothing (and I do mean nothing) happens without Wes stating exactly what’s happening.  I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but I think I’m going to miss the constant chatter.

Although maybe we should see how I feel in a month.

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